Southern Ocean Experimental Metatranscriptome to Investigate Micronutrient Colimitation
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organizationName J. Craig Venter Institute
bounding Coordinates {"south":"-77.617","north":"-77.617","west":"164.474","east":"164.474"}
abstract Metatranscriptome dataset (targeting all mRNA) from Southern Ocean sea water samples (1 control, 3 treatments, 3 replicates per treatment), near the ice edge at McMurdo Sound (Antarctica). All samples were incubated 24h at 0°C, ~45 μmol photons m-2 s-1 of constant light. Treatments existed of: 1) addition of 1 nM FeCl3; 2) addition of 200 pM cyanocobalamin; or 3) addition of 200 pM cyanocobalamin and 1 nM FeCl3.

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