Author Dataset Name toIPT MiMARKS Sequence Set Download
Charles Lee Inter-Valley Soil Comparative Survey of the McMurdo Dry Valleys
Alison Murray Marine bacterioplankton community structure in the vicinity of Antarctic icebergs
Craig Herbold Geothermal Fumarole Subsurface Mt. Erebus, Antarctica
Alison Murray Antarctic Peninsula Bacterioplankton 16S rRNA gene surveys and metagenomes from Winter 2002 and Summer 2006.
John Priscu Geomicrobiology of Antarctic Subglacial Environments - Subglacial Lake Whillans
S. Craig Cary New Zealand Terrestrial Biocomplexity Survey
Stephen Archer McMurdo region meltwater ponds bacterioplankton survey
Julia Kleinteich Byers_02.2009_cyano_16S